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The Republic of Iraq The Project for Construction of Ten (400 bed) Educational Hospitals Training for Iraqi Engineers of Ministry of Health in Amman

 ITEC has been providing consulting services of the Project for Construction of Ten (400 bed) Educational Hospitals in the Republic of Iraq since 2009.


 As part of this project, we invited 26 engineers from the Iraqi Ministry of Health to Amman, Jordan to take part in the 3rd training course for Iraqi Engineers about Contract Management from 22nd to 27th June, 2013. Staff from our Baghdad Office, Construction Contract Management Specialist Consultant, Mr. Masaru KAIDO recommended from The Overseas Construction Association of Japan, Inc. (OCAJI) and Project Management Specialist Engineer, Mr. Yasutaka ARAKI, Manager of Taisei Corporation gathered in Amman to teach for this training course. These specialists were dispatched by the arrangement of NPO Japan Iraq Medical Association.


 The theme of the training course was Contract Management for Construction Project, and lectures were conducted based on FIDIC Contract forms. The trainees studied the differences between various contract forms, and the importance of selecting an appropriate contract form in accordance with project characteristics. Real-life case studies of construction projects were incorporated into the lecture, and the trainees had enthusiastic exchanged ideas during group discussions. The Certification of Registration was handed out to all trainees in the closing ceremony at the last day of the training course.


 ITEC will continuously strive and dedicate towards the development of healthcare services in Iraq.


Closing Ceremony




Group Discussion


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