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The Republic of Iraq, Al-Mustansiriyah University Medical Students Visited Japan to Participate in Cardiovascular Medical Training

 NPO Japan Middle East Medical Association (JMEMA), for which ITEC plays a clerical role, provided cardiovascular medical training for the assistant professor and 5 medical students of Al-Mustansiriyah University, by the request by Embassy of Japan in Iraq.

 From Monday 14th to Friday 18th September 2015, the Al-Mustansiriyah team studied Japanese advanced cardiovascular diagnosis and treatment at NTT Medical Center Tokyo (Dr. Ochiai, Executive Member of JMEMA / Honorary Executive of NTT Medical Center Tokyo).


  Trainee List

   ① Dr.Basim Shehab Ahmed (Assistant Professor of Histopathology)

   ② Ms.Noor Ahmed Shamesaldin (3rd Year Medical Student)

   ③ Ms.Zahraa Akram Abdulqader (3rd Year Medical Student)

   ④ Ms.Doaa Riyadh Kanaan (4th Year Medical Student)

   ⑤ Ms.Yusur Tareq Abdulrazzaq (4th Year Medical Student)

   ⑥ Ms.Shaymaa Sinan Abdulaali (4th Year Medical Student)


  Lecture and Training in Cardiology Room


  Welcome Dinner Hosted by JMEMA



From Top Left: Ms. Doaa, Ms. Sakai (JMEMA Bureau), Mr. Ishida (Managing Director of JMEMA), Dr. Yamamoto (Chairman of JMEMA), Dr. Basim,
Mr. Mitamura (Managing Executive Officer, Member of the Board, ITEC), Ms. Fukumuro (JMEMA Bureau), Ms. Shaymaa, Ms. Yusur, Ms. Zahraa, Ms. Noor


  Attestation Ceremony



From Left (NTT Medical Center Tokyo): Mr. Takeda (Administrative Director), Dr. Yamasaki (Director, Division of Cardiology), Dr. Kameyama (Chief Executive)


  Dinner Hosted by Ambassador of Embassy of the Republic of Iraq in Tokyo


Center: H.E. Mr. Alaa Al-Hashimy (Ambassador of the Republic of Iraq)


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