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The Project for Improvement of Equipment in the National Hospital for Obstetrics and Gynecology in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam

~No.1 Commencement of Supervisory Work of Equipment Installation~


Installation work for the medical equipment under the JICA Project for Improvement of Equipment in the National Hospital for OB/GY in the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam started from the 26th May this year.  ITEC had provided the consulting services from its very beginning; basic design, detail design, and supervision.  ITEC dispatched an engineer to supervise the installation work of the medical equipment.  

The project site (National Hospital for OB/GY) is located in the central Hanoi.  Average 50 babies are born per day in this hospital, so this is a huge hospital.  Total 109 equipment are procured in the Operation, Lab, Radiology department, etc.

Viet Nam1 Viet Nam2 
Assembling Artificial Ventilator  Mortuary Refrigerator

First, the Contractor unpacks, assembles and then checks if it works.  Next, the hospital staff and ITEC engineer confirm quantity and operation before the equipment is finally handed over.  ITEC engineer also supervise the training on operation and daily maintenance for hospital staff conducted before handing over by the Contractor.  Handing over for all the equipment will be around the early July this year.  

 After the Kick off meeting for the installation work, with hospital staff and the Contractor.


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