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Radio Broadcast by NHK

The training for Engineers of the Ministry of Health in Iraq (2nd group) conducted in November, 2011 was introduced in the radio program of NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation). Interviews with Iraqi trainees and the president of ITEC were also introduced in the program.

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The Iraqi engineers joining the Project for Construction of Ten (400 bed) Educational Hospitals came to Japan from November 5, and took the training in Japan. Barack Obama, President of the United States, again declared that the US troops will pull out of Iraq at the end of this year. While full-fledged restoration is waited for, restoration in healthcare field is indispensable for Iraq. In Iraq, large hospitals have not been constructed since 1986 due to suffering from many wars. This plan, the construction of 400-bed hospitals at 10 sites, can be the first step of massive restoration plan for healthcare service, which Iraqi government put their national prestige on. The program is broadcasting the engineers’ prospects and hopes for the restoration of Iraq, and also hope of ITEC working for the project.

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・ December 5 (Mon.)  NHK Radio 1 “NHK Journal” (Japanese)
・ December 8 (Thu.)  NHK WORLD RADIO JAPAN “Radio Japan Focus”
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Domestic: NHK Radio 2 (English only)
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