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Completion of the supervisory work of equipment installation and technical assistance for Jaffna Teaching Hospital in Sri Lanka

 The supervisory work of equipment installation and technical assistance of “Project for the Improvement of Central Functions of Jaffna Teaching Hospital in the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka”, which is supported by Japanese Grant aid, were successfully completed at the end of 2012.


 Jaffna Teaching Hospital is the only tertiary hospital in the northern region of Sri Lanka and has important role to provide local people with medical services. However, due to a civil war, little major investment on facility and equipment had been made for more than 20 years, therefore it was unable to fully perform the expected functions. To improve this situation, JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) provided financial aid for the improvement of the hospital’s central functions (Central facilities for diagnostics imaging, Operation theater complex, Central supply & sterilizing dept., ICUs and Central laboratory complex). To support them, ITEC provided consulting services on equipment planning, supervisory work of equipment installation and technical assistance to develop the hospital’s capacity for equipment maintenance.


 We hope this project contributes to upgrade the medical service of the hospital and also improve the health of the local people. ITEC will continue to work for the people of Sri Lanka.



On-site training by engineers of local companies for operation



Equipment maintenance seminar by ITEC staff


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