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Completion of “Rehabilitation of the Tikrit General Hospital, Salahaddin Governorate, Iraq”

~UNDP(United Nations Development Program) project~


The project of “Rehabilitation of the Tikrit General Hospital, Salahaddin Governorate, Iraq” completed in June, 2011.  We, ITEC, had provided consulting services for this project since 2008. This project founded by Bilateral Grant Aid of the Government of Japan executed the fixation and replacement of Emergency power supply system, Electrical items for patients’ elevators, the whole HVAC (Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning) system, Medical gas supply system, Laboratory machines and Radiology equipment through UNDP.

Tikrit1  Tikrit2
Tikrit General Hospital The memorial plate for the project(Entrance) 

We, as an UNDP’s consultant, had provided the services for a master planning of the hospital, a computer information system and a network design, a rehabilitation design & planning of medical equipment and facility, a supervision of installation of equipment and facility and construction of the hospital building. This hospital is one of the central hospitals in Iraq. Through this project, the hospital functions were recovered and we could contribute to improvement of patients’ and community’s health.

Tikrit3 Tikrit4
Elevators for beds The steam boiler provided
 Tikrit5  Tikrit6
 New RO(Reverse Osmosis)   New X-ray machine
 Tikrit7  Tikrit8

 Training for hospital staff            (Medical gas supply system)

 Training for hospital staff                (Patient Monitoring systems for ICU)

 Upon the project completion, UNDP’s official meeting was held in Istanbul on 13th April 2011, and Manager of the Ministry of Health Iraq, Director and Chief engineer of the hospital, UNDP’s project manager and we attended this meeting. 

 Tikrit9 Tikrit10 
Project completion meeting in Istanbul   Project completion meeting in Istanbul

We keep on our effort and commitment for development of health service in Iraq.

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