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Seiyo New City Hospital (tentative)

~Consulting Service for Construction of a New Hospital~


City of Seiyo, located in the south-central of the prefecture of Ehime, was born in 2004 as a result of merger of 5 municipalities.  The City has 2 municipal hospitals to provide medical services for the people in local and remote areas.  One of the 2 municipal hospitals, Uwa hospital, is now 35 years old, and its building and facilities are too old to cope with the rapidly increasing medical demands.  Therefore, construction of a new hospital has been planned. 

ITEC started to provide the consulting services this year.  The consulting services include “establishing a hospital operation system”, “establishing an IT system” “establishing medical equipment procurement plan”, “transfer planning of the new hospital”, etc. to be completed in 3 years until new opening of the hospital.  Our experienced consultants are to be allocated for each stage of the services for smooth implementation of the project.

Workshop for IT system  A workshop on a recent trend of IT system and concept of the project was held by our chief IT consultant for the staff of the hospital.

 We, as a health service management consultant, hope to continuously make a contribution to provision of medical services in the City of Seiyo and to establishing a better hospital.

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