ITEC is a provider of comprehensive healthcare consulting services specializing in all aspects of hospital management.



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2013/01/17  ITEC Baghdad office joined the New Year Party at Embassy of Japan in Iraq
2013/01/17  General Directorate of MOH of Iraq, Mr. Dhafer’s Visit to Japan
2012/12/04  Turkish Minister of Health’s Visit to Japan
2012/11/09  Invitation for Iraqi Doctors Training in Japan
2012/11/08  Baghdad International Fair 2
2012/11/08  Baghdad International Fair
2012/11/07  Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Delegation and Joint Conference in the Republic of Iraq
2012/11/07  The Republic of Iraq  The Project for Construction of Ten (400 bed) Educational Hospitals  Training for Iraqi Engineers of Ministry of Health in Amman
2012/09/11  The Forum for Turkish-Japanese Business Partnership in Iraq
2012/06/29  NPO Japan Iraq Medical Association (JIMA)/2012 JIMA Executive Board General Assembly and Post-Meeting Party
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