ITEC is a provider of comprehensive healthcare consulting services specializing in all aspects of hospital management.

Our Data Security Policy



As a professional healthcare consulting firm, we take data security seriously and make every effort to protect our customer data from potential risks.
We promise that all the directors, employees, and other staff of ITEC will abide by the following data security policy.
2. Data Security Policy
(1) Access with User ID and Password
Each information system is protected with User ID and Password, which are required to access the system. User ID and Password are exclusive to each user.
(2) Data Protection
All the data in ITEC is appropriately administrated in order to avoid vandalization, leak, interception, alteration, and computer viruses.
(3) Access Control
Access level to the information system is individually controlled to each user according to their positions, to avoid abuse of data.
(4) Virus Check
Virus checking is conducted periodically to prevent destruction of data and accidental infection to the third party.
(5) Logging
All the data and information systems are monitored and all the activities are logged to ensure users’ compliance with the security policy.
(6) Physical Access Control
Main part of Information system and other vital information resources are stored in a safe place to prevent physical damages such as disaster, theft, and destruction.
(7) Security Control System
Procedure of security control is systemized for consistency.
(8) Information Ethics
All the data in ITEC is utilized only for authorized business purposes. All the directors, employees, and other staff of ITEC abide by information ethics.

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