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Past Projects

Domestic Projects — List of Projects by Type of Consultation Services –

Operation(including Logistics Management System) / IT

Prefecture Name Beds
Aomori Towada City Hospita 479
Miyagi Saka General Hospital 339
Shiogama City Hospital 199
South Miyagi Medical Center 300
Miyagi Children’s Hospital 160
Fukushima Shirakawa Hospital 150
Ibaraki Ibaraki Prefectural University of Health Sciences Hospital 170
Tochigi Nasuminami Hospital 150
Gunma Gunma Prefectural Cancer Center 316
Saitama Soka New City Hospital 366
Chiba Urayasu Ichikawa City Hospital 344
K General Hospital 132
Ichikawa City Rehabilitation Hospital 100
Tokyo Fussa Public Hospital 320
Toranomon Hospital 909
The Cancer Institute Hospital of JFCR 700
Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research Hospital 512
TK Hospital 563
Sakakibara Memorial Hospital 320
Juntendo University Nerima Hospital 400
Tokyo Women’s Medical University Hospital 1,423
Juntendo Tokyo Koto Geriatric Medical Center 1st:180
Japanese Red Cross Medical Center 963
TK Hospital 563
National Cancer Center 600
Toho University Omori Medical Center 1,106
Kanagawa Yokohama City -
Yokohama City Kowan Hospital 634
Yokohama City University Funaura Hospital 720
Keiyu Hospital 410
Niigata Niigata University Medical & Dental Hospital 810
Toyama Takaoka City Hospital 476
Kamiichi General Hospital 246
Fukui Fukui Prefectural Hospital 1,079
Yamanashi Special Nursing Home Shimobe-So 60
Kofu Municipal Hospital 400
Gifu Gifu Prefectural General Medical Center 525
Sekigahara Hospital 175
Hakuaikai Hospital 199
Shizuoka Iwata City Hospital 500
Haibara General Hospital 407
Aichi Nagoya City Seibu Medical Center 500
Nagoya City University Hospital 808
Mie Kuwana City Hospital 260
Yokkaichi Municipal Hospital 568
Mie Prefectural Shima Hospital 350
Shiga Otsu Municipal Hospital 580
Hikone Municipal Hospital 470
Osaka Osaka City Juso Hospital 300
Osaka City General Medical Center 1,058
Higashi-Osaka City New General Hospital 573
Hyogo Toyooka Hospital 599
Yoka Hospital 420
Nishiwaki Municipal Hospital 320
Shimane Saiseikai Goutsu General Hospital 314
Hiroshima Aki City Hospital 120
Hiroshima City General Rehabilitation Center 100
Tokushima Tokushima Prefectural Central Hospital 540
Kagawa Takamatsu City Hospital 538
Kagawa Prefectural Hospital -
K Hospital 31
Kochi Kochi Health Sciences Center(Integration of Kochi Prefectural Central Hospital and Kochi City Hospital) 670
Fukuoka Kitakyushu Municipal Hospisal -
Nagasaki Goto Central Hospital 304
Nagasaki Prefectural Shimabara Hot Spring Hospital 254

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